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Morphing Of The Money Reasons Blog

While I always wanted to talk about finances, the “Money Reasons” site primary purpose wasn’t intended for me to be a blog.

Yep, main reason for the existence of the website was not to convey financial information to the blogosphere.  Hard to believe with a name like “Money Reasons” huh?

Back when I first started this site, it was an Apache server that existed in a virtual machine on my workstation.  Other than the domain name (which cost about $10 back then) everything else was free since it was hosted on my workstation at home.  I called the site Money Reasons because I wanted to talk about financial topics that I thought I excelled in and as a secondary reason because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my little website experiment!

If has been both life changing and a fabulous success in my eyes.  While it might not have statistics like “Free Money Finance” (one of my favorite sites), it still has been a great little experiment and an incredible tools for learning about technology (which I’m still learning today).

But that all being said, I’m finding that I’m starting to be spread thin.  Originally, I was posting posts everyday, currently my goal is every other day, but now I’m throttling back to just a few times a week.  Life it too busy to be writing all the time for me at my current stage in life.

But on the other hand, that means that hopefully the articles that I do write provide more of a punch in the value perspective.

Enjoy the final days of summer!



10 Responses to Morphing Of The Money Reasons Blog

  1. I had to cut down about a year ago to only 3 posts a week. It’s hard to find time for much more than that (especially now that I also have a bike blog!) It’s also hard to write well-written articles so frequently. Less is more can definitely be beneficial.

    • Very true, very true!

      I forgot about your bike blog, I remember it looked great though! I’m starting to bike more an more 🙂