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Summer Time Financial Process Reflection

Summer is a tough time for bloggers, at least if you live in a seasonal state that has a snowy winter period.

It a time to be busy with family, friends and life in general.

During the business oriented and financial slowdown for the summer, often it’s also a relaxed time to examine your current financial strategy and see if it can’t be improved upon.  I think that since a lot of us let our financial planning go on autopilot during the summer, the occasional thought about how we go about things is relatively bias-free!

Gulf of Mexico Sunset
Captiva Sunset

By bias-free thoughts about your business/financial processes, you are able to make optimizations on the processes by looking at your current processes from different perspectives.  I think it’s easier during such times to make some great discoveries and improvements on such processes.  You might be wondering why this is a great time to make improvements since you are most likely in vacation mode…  I’ll explain:

When you are your day-to-day processing of the system currently in place, you are more concerned with managing the transactions (like income and expenses) that use your system and you try to optimize the inflows and outflows of that system.  At that point in time, most likely, you are too busy working with and managing the system to take time to think about redesigning the system for the better.  And therein exists the paradox, while we are resting and enjoying your summer,we’re passively thinking about our existing system and how to make it better!

Funny how life works out that way…

Enjoy your summer my friends!


6 Responses to Summer Time Financial Process Reflection

  1. Summer is definitely a time for reflection but it’s also one of the most expensive seasons of the year for me. Few things cost more than vacations! Or drinks on patios! Or summertime activities! It’s been a spendy few months =\

  2. This year isn’t too bad for me except when we went on vacation. I’m more motivated this year because I don’t have a full time job anymore. Traffic dropped quite a bit in June, but it’s starting to come back up.

  3. My traffic picked up this summer but it has something to do with organic traffic. As for finances, summer is more expensive for me, but it gives me time to rethink and regroup, try new strategies and implement them in the fall. 😉

  4. I kind of took the “summer off” from finances. I have been going to overpriced carnivals and buying overpriced concessions from various zoos and parks. I’ve about reached my tolerance limit on $4 waters.

    I need to consolidate my accounts. I have bits of money in too many places right now.