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Fincon12 – A Unique Perspective – Part 2

Another great Financial Conference, not quite the same excitement as the first financial conference last year (isn’t the first experience always the most exciting?), but much more polished and every bit as good but in a different way.

While the conference had value at the instructional level, this year I found that I was much more interested in seeing online friends and what they looked like in person!  Much to my surprise, everybody I met looked much better in real person than their photos would suggest online!  This year I’m going to cover some of the people I interacted with the most, and the order in which I met them!

  • Amanda at Frugal Confessions – as incredible as she was last year!  Class act person all the way!
  • Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – just like I remember her from last year.  It felt good to see her so early (I was checking in at the hotel when she came into the lobby)!
  • Jason at Live Real Now, Jason is really starting to grow on me.  I’ve had a lot of fun handing with Jason and Crystal.  Jason is very fast with clever jokes!
  • B. B. (keeping his real name under wraps) at Beating Broke. –  B.B. is truly a great guy!  I was very impressed, even more so than last year!  I wish I lived closer, he would be a great person to hand out with and shoot the breeze…
  • Cory at 20’s Finances – Much younger than I am, but instantly he felt like a brother!  Great guy with overflowing integrity and very smart!  He’ll be one to watch in the future!
  • Khaleef (and his wife) at Faithful With A Few –  What a great couple!  It’s always a pleasure to see and talk to the both of them.  I’m starting to realize that everybody that I hung out with were pretty class people!  Khaleef and his wife were great!
  • Suba at Wealth Informatics – I don’t know if they come much nicer than Suba!  She’s always so nice and helpful, and smart as a whip!
  • Joe at Retire By 40 – It was truly great meeting Joe!  He’s as great and nice of a guy as you could ever met!  In many ways, Joe’s kind of my role model and kindred spirit of sorts!  Hopefully we’ll be able to hang more next year!
  • Sam at Financial Samurai – he’s just as you would imagine!  Smart and fast, but also approachable!  It was nice meeting him, even if it was briefly…
  • J. D. Roth at “More Than Money” – I was impressed that J. D. sat down in our group (Crystal, Jason, Corey and me) and chilled out while he talked to Crystal and Jason about the Magic and some board games that I’ve never heard of.  It was cool to see that J.D. was so laid back…  I just check out his blog and it’s great!  He’s living a life that I would love to live!  Good for him!

I have to admit, I really enjoyed breaking from the herd this year and seeing the buildings around the hotel we were at in Denver!  Next year, hopefully the location will be such that I’ll look forward to getting around the location that it’s at too!

A great time!


P.S. Sorry for my lack of pictures, that was a big oversight on my part!

19 Responses to Fincon12 – A Unique Perspective – Part 2

    • lol, no it was great meeting you too! I just didn’t get to you in the post when we met before I got tired of writing 🙂

      I’ll edit it a bit later and include you (and also Michelle for that matter!)

  1. I was actually more excited this year than last. Like a little kid, I’m always a bit anxious for any first time event. Not so much that I’d have missed it last year, but this year I looked forward to a known function. I expected a great time and got what I expected. I was a bit better prepared, had business cards, and a few pens printed with my logo, and even had a ‘burner’ cell phone, as I learned that having my work Blackberry is too great a distraction.
    Next year, I’m planning to prepare and hopefully get picked for the Ignite function. I’m looking forward to FinCon continuing to be a big star on my schedule for years to come.

    • Congrats on winning the Plutus Award for best Tax site! That’s awesome!!!

      I always have fun taking to you, you make the experiences that much better. I’m actually always surprised what a great bunch pf bloggers are overall! It is something to look forward too!

  2. Sounds like a great experience! Denver would have been a fun place to go, I have never been.

    Glad you are already looking forward to next year. That means you will still be writing then! 🙂

  3. Nice recap! Looks like you got to spend a lot of time with Yakezie folks. Lucky you. Did you learn a lot and will you be implementing them anytime soon? Hopefully next year!

    • I learned a few things, but most of it I was aware of to a certain extent. This year I was more about seeing friends and visiting the city. It’s a great mix of the two!

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