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Saving Money Repairing Your Own Dryer

Repairing Your Own Dryer.

After a great vacation at Hilton Head Island, I came back home to find out the dryer wouldn’t heat anymore!  It seems like there it’s becoming more common that after a vacation, I come back home to find out that something is broken and I need to put in some time to fix it.  Last year it was a leaky plumbing, this year its wet clothes…

Now my dryer is well over 10 years old, and at first I thought that perhaps it’s time pitch it and the washer to the curb and dig in deep into my pockets and buy a new washer and dryer… until I realized that each are around $700, and that’s for lower end  models.

I know, the new dryers will make your toasted cheese sandwiches (kidding), but a dryer’s main function is to dry clothes, so I don’t need the newest most aesthetically designed washer and dryer… I’m more of a function kind of guy.  If it does its job, I’m happy!  And other than the heat not working, I’m more than happy to keep our old, cheap dryer (and washer too)!

After googling with the following keywords “dryer stops heating after a while”, I read and watch a few videos that lead me to believe that the problem was probably a worn out coil (solenoid coil actually).  So after googling with the key words “Frigidaire dryer gas coil”, I found the following awesome video!  This explained the entire process!

Next I googled the correct part number and found the replacements for the coils, but they ran over $30, so instead I tried ebay!  I found the part for $9 including shipping!  Nine bucks?  For that price, I considered it worth the risk…  So I bought the coils without hesitation since they were so cheap!

DIY Savings

I estimate that I saved myself at least $150 to $250 depending on the repairman doing the job!  Not to shabby for a little bit of Googling and elbow greese!

And there you have it!  My story of fixing my dyer for a very low ($9) price.



14 Responses to Saving Money Repairing Your Own Dryer

    • I was so stoked that I was able to fix my drying problem for only $9!

      I actually order a igniter too, but since I didn’t use it, I’m going to sell that on ebay to recap the costs… It was close to $9 too. 🙂

  1. I always Google or YouTube how to fix something before deciding how best to attack the situation. Most of the time the videos or descriptions make me feel comfortable enough to do it myself like the air filters in my car.

    • Google has saved me a lot of money over the years! lol, I’ve actually had to use google to change my air filter too. Normally I just do it, but for some reason, one of my car was not intuitive for me and I had to google it…

      Sounds like you and I are similar in frugal matters 🙂

  2. Brilliant. This is why I go on about Google, you can ask it any question and someone will have already asked it before. There are videos on everything so it’s just great – I love the net!

    Having lived off a tight budget for many years I always try and fix things myself before I get the experts in. Plus I am always up for saving money. Why waste it when many things we can sort ourselves.

    Well done.

  3. The internet is so DIY friendly, especially when you can find a great video to help you out. I’ve got a burnt out headlight on my car and just watched a video a few days ago showing me how to replace it (not an easy feat for my car since you have to completely remove the front end).