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Are Laptops and Smart Devices Worth It?

By now, if you read my site, you know that I’m about acquiring assets that make money!  But one grey area that I think it worth considering is electronics!  My question is:  Are laptops and smart devices money losers?

In my particular case, I own a laptop that has enabled me to do work in places that I wouldn’t have though that it would be possible!  For example, I was able to crank out a few posts at my local drive-in!  During the movie “Ice Age something”, I was able to crank out articles while the family enjoyed the movie!  Normally, that would be a waste of my time, but with my handy laptop, I was able to pretty much ignore the movie and get my work done!  Actually, my laptop has made me both a more versatile and mobile person!  I’ve written many an article at libraries, coffee shops and while being inconvenienced while waiting from something (like doctor visits).

Apple iPhone
Smart devices make it possible

I find it very refreshing that I’m productive while at these locations (especially the doctor’s office).  Time is valuable, so why waste it!

So in my case, I think my laptop has more than paid for itself, and even though it will be obsolete in a few years, I think it was definitely worth the cost!  I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Now onto smart phones…  I currently don’t have one (other than the one provided by work), but they are probably similar to my laptop.  In fact, I’m positive that I would use my phone for tweeting and other forms of socialization!  That said, I sure I wouldn’t be able to do the in-depth type of work I can do with my laptop, so I’m not 100% sure that a cell phone would be worth the costs (especially the monthly charge).  One could make the case that it would be cheaper to buy a smart device and use a wireless router for talking at home or common hot points.  Then buy a cheap phone for actually talking (or IMing).

Another problem about smart phones is that the technology is obsolete much more quickly than my laptop.  It seems like smart phones have a life span of about 1.5 years, and they cost as much as my laptop!  Still I see that they can have value, but not near as much as my laptop does!

Do you think that my justification is flawed?  Are they making you money or wasting your time?





6 Responses to Are Laptops and Smart Devices Worth It?

    • I love my laptop, that’s a given! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to buy one though.

      I currently don’t own a smart phone (or really even a cell phone). My family has the basic cell phones, but no smart phones (my son does have a ipod touch though). This is about to change though. Hopefully I’ll enjoy getting a smart phone too 🙂

  1. I think they can last much longer than 1.5 years but most users want to upgrade. I get a ton of commenting done on my phone but don’t work on posts from it, although I could if I had to. It has been worth it to me but you must make the call. I wrote a few posts about it on my blog if you are interested.

    • Oh yeah, laptops they can last about at least 5 years if you take care of them, but technology goes obsolete quickly…

      I use google voice right now for calls, but with a cell phone (not my business one), it would be nice to handle business matters. I look forward to it!

  2. I guess i wouldn’t equate family time as unproductive but I do use my mobile device at places like the bounce house where I am just sitting around while the kids are running around like mad. Since my family time is limited, I tend to opt for activities that do require my engagement with them. It’s only when I am exhausted that I resort to the brainless ones.

    I travel a lot so I use my iPad constantly which I paid for out of my own pocket. I finally broke down and bought an iPhone as well vs the free work provided blackberry. If my dropped calls is reduced it will be well worth the money as now I have trouble making customer calls from the car due to connectivity issues. I won’t know til November though.

    • My work phone is a Blackberry too, but it’s a company one and very monitored. So I’m going through the beta program at Republic Wireless and I’m pretty excited. The program include a android smart phone with unlimited web, cell and Instant message all for $20 a month.

      I hope it’s worth it…

      I don’t mind spending family time, but watching a movie there is little to no interaction with the family, so I have no problem working on my computer during those family intervals. Other times, like canoeing or bike riding, my electronics stay at home or in the car 🙂