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Are You Always Ready To Fight Financially?

In many ways, we are at war on the personal finance front.  We are continually getting bombarded with spending opportunities (really traps and tricks), both from TV and peers.  We need to be ready to fight financially to get the best deals and protect our financial health.

Technology is continually being improved which means that what you buy today is already obsolete and you’ll have to buy something new iPhone X or some other new cool gizmo next year (if not next month).  And both fortunately and unfortunately, those devices really do add value versus the devices of just a few years ago (I consider those devices toys).  I’ve even heard that many are buying smart devices (iPhones, etc) over cars.  So the young people of today would rather have a smart phone than a car!  Wow, that’s a dramatic change from when I was a kid.

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Okay, I went off topic!  The point is that there are so many things and way to buy those things that we, the financially prudent, are in a constant state of battle trying to become wealthy by saving and increasing our money.  It’s not an easy fight to avoid, especially with ourselves!

Tricks & ways that I fight spending consist of not spending on expensive things on the same day that I’ve seen them.  I purposely take my time and think about my purchases rather than just do it.  Ha, the slogan “Just Do It” doesn’t apply to financial intelligence and wealth accumulation, and in fact, it might seriously harm your financial base!

Often with just a little effort and thought, you can find ways to do something cheaper or buy something for a better price.  It’s just a matter of looking for them!  This is why lottery winners lose their wealth so quickly, they don’t have fight a good fight on the financial front!

So don’t “Just Do It”, instead keep your guard up and look for bargains!

Fight hard to win!


18 Responses to Are You Always Ready To Fight Financially?

  1. I can’t help it but feel like your post is targeted at me and the one I wrote recently. Don, I completely agree that you shouldn’t “just do it” when it comes to spending your money. A rational purchase decision may take time to make 🙂

    • I do this too for major purchases. It makes it much easier to really think about if your life is lacking without whatever it is you want to buy. 99% of the time it isn’t!

    • I’m with you brother! A month or more, but truthfully, I usually find that the latest “Want” is something I don’t “want” after a few months of doing without. So I don’t ever buy it 🙂

      lol, you are I are very similar in our approach (if not identical)

    • It’s all about balance really, if you budget for the fun stuff (like Crystal), then why not! I just don’t have a lot of money to budget for to much fun stuff though, so I’m tight with my money 🙁 (as violins play off in the distance).

  2. Don, this is so true! I bought an iPad 1st gen two years ago (I used it as a laptop for business, I swear!), and now I find out they will not be releasing anymore updates to the first gen. Now it will become nothing more than a toy. Grrr. Shoulda stayed frugal…

    • Yeah, technology is almost a commodity (or at least that’s what the tech companies want you to think). I feel your pain though!!!

  3. Great post, thanks. Totally agree, each day we are fighting with our finances, trying to make more money and spend less, save some, plan expenses and make wise financial decisions. Money is a one of the strongest tools today and almost no one can say that he/she is indifferent to money isssues. As for making purchases, I think you are completely right when you say that do not buy expensive items as only you see them. I have heard about “one night” rule – before making an expensive purchase it’s worth to sleep with that thought and think if you really need that. To my opinion, impulsive buying is one of the worst enemies of healthy financial life.

  4. I am always fighting actually my wife hates it. I will say I’m going to buy something get to the store, see it in person, look at the cost and walk away. It drives her nuts and now she tries to get me to purchase more stuff online. Half of the things we see we don’t need and can honestly do without. Invest in yourself and your future instead of wasting money. Never go down without a right for financial freedom.