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Will Google Calendar Save This Blog?

Is this site slipping into neglect?

Can I use Google Calendar to save this blog?

It’s been five days since I last posted an article… Augh!

When I was posting an article EVERY DAY, it was both harder and easier to post.

Harder in the fact that there were some “late night”/”early mornings” where I was writing to rush an article for the next morning.  This created quite the challenge considering that I have to work a day job.

Easier in the fact that I had a natural schedule (all the time!).  Posting each and every day made it easy because I had no wiggle room for writing.  Each and every day made it incredible easy because there was no breaks in my schedule.

Google Calendar to the Rescue?

First, let me say that Google Calendar is free, and that’s awesome!  In fact, instead of viewing Google as a huge monopoly as most people do, being a user of Google, I love Google.  That said, as a shareholder of Google (which I’m not anymore, I was a few years ago though), I’m not as crazy about them…

I’m planning on using Google Calendar to plan out my posting schedule for Money Reasons.  By using the Calendar, I’ll be able to use my new android phone to see anything on my Calendar at any time.  And hopefully “that made all the difference” (a little paraphrasing of Robert Frost)!

So how am I planning on benefiting from Google’s Calendar app?

I’m going to set two re-occurring event, one on Saturday (for the post Monday morning), and one on Wednesday (for Thursday morning).

You might be wondering why 2 days for the Monday post?

The idea with the Saturday event reminder for Monday is that it will give me a change to be more creative with the Monday Post.  By creative I mean perhaps I’ll create my own podcast, or video, or just rockin content that has more than my typical post.  Of course other times, it will enable me to focus on programming and other development aspects of my sites.

I expect Google Calendar to become a more important aspect of my site growth from this point on (especially now that I have a smart phone)!

Here’s to Google Calendar… “Thanks”!



6 Responses to Will Google Calendar Save This Blog?

  1. I have really been lazying with writing content lately. The first problem was figuring out how many times I wanted to post, then on what days, and then was how much time to spend meeting people and reading other sites. I like the calendar idea. Good luck I hear podcasts are great and youtube videos.