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New Year And A New Direction Blogging?

I’ve been thinking in ways that I’ve never thought before, life has changed for me and lately I’m in a constant state of flux.

Last year, I wanted to accomplish certain goals and change my lifestyle all around.  I was only partially successful!

I was successfully in accomplishing measurable goals like weight loss and financial goals.

I was unsuccessful in change my lifestyle in a meaningful, productive or challenging way.

I’ve discovered that when I establish a plan, historically something always blocks me in my progress.  This year I was full steam ahead and making great progress when BAM, I got vertigo like symptoms that I’m still fighting to a certain extent.  I’m bending around the health problem, but it’s still taking a toll on my plans!

Another way that I’ve changed is that I no longer see just one or two ways, but instead I see an issue from multiple directions and angles.  I believe I’ve always seen a few multiple viewpoints, but now I see even more and from different sociology-economical viewpoints.  I’m not sure if I like it, but I also have come to believe that no one answer is right, but also that there are solutions that are statistically prone to a higher probability of success.

On the investing plain, I’ve discovered that often times, I won’t be able to predict what is a hit or miss.  Take texting for example, when it first came out I thought that it didn’t make sense, but now I find myself even using the medium.  How that for a kick in the pants!

Another thing is Facebook.  While I understood the appeal, I thought some things were better left in the past, but to my surprise others don’t seem to think the same as I.  I do think that it’s funny that a lot of people get arrested because they post their pictures or videos of crimes they committed on their Facebook account.  While I have a personal account, I don’t use it much because I value my privacy.  It’s a choice, no right or wrong way about it.

While I like writing about financial tips and tricks I’ve discovered and about my journey to financial independence, lately I thoughts are all over the place and it’s making it hard for me to concentrate on the niche that I enjoy so much.  Hopefully in 2013, my mind will settle and my health will return!

If I remain healthy, I’m hope to be able to bring more value to online environment by creating useful online applications (we’ll see).

Congratulations everybody for surviving 12/21/2012, in some ways it was the end of the “old” world.  Here is to the new world!  Make you mark!



8 Responses to New Year And A New Direction Blogging?

  1. Good luck with getting your health back on track this year! Health or lack thereof can wreak havoc on your life. I was reminded of this this past week–I have had the flu since Christmas Eve. Yuck!

    • Thanks Amanda!

      The year started out great, but quickly has fallen apart for me. Hopefully, I can kick the problem (or work around it) in early 2013…

      Hope you lose your flu soon!

  2. I’m the same way with Facebook. I don’t share much about my private life because I believe some things should remain private. Good luck to you with your goals for 2013. Looking forward to a great new year ahead!

  3. The health part is definitely tough and at least for me feels like it takes the most amount of work. I was great with my finances and terrible with my body which started to make less and less sense to save if I wouldn’t be around to benefit from it. I just started turning things around myself, I wish you the best of luck with your efforts!