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End of World Financial Plan Sort Of

Well, according to some, tomorrow will be a big day from a world destruction standpoint.  I figure what better way to start the kickoff than to write an “End of the World” Financial Plan.

First let me say I’m not buying water!  Instead I’m buying Kool Aid!  Yep, why not get some caloric value out of the substance that I’m drinking.  Besides, I’d be a hero to my kids.

Kool Aid Bottles

Next, instead of buying nutritional food, I’m buying crates of ramen noodles!  You see ramen noodles are the frugal doom-dayer’s choice.  I mean does it really matter what the food you eat as long as it works, why not go doomdayer frugal?  Of course, I’ll buy some cheap vitamins too, erh actually I already have them so scratch that.  Perhaps kool aid flavored ramen noodles might taste a bit odd, but we’ll make do.  Oh, in case your curious, I have a camping burner that I’m going to use as the heating source to cook the ramen noodles.  We’ll sure miss our microwave.

Superglue, yep superglue is on my list!  It’s amazing what that stuff can bond together.  Besides, I read on the internet that zombies hate the smell of superglue!  And of course duct tape!  I actually seen a show were someone made a sailboat from duct tape.  And it worked and keep them afloat for at least 1 day!

Okay, enough negativity, what happens if the world doesn’t end?

Well, first I’m going to act as if it did from a spending perspective (except for future vacations).

So instead of drinking lattes and the cursed McDonalds Egg Nog milk shakes (yeah, I’ve been drinking way to many of those), I’m going to drink water or flavored water as I have in the past (um, not Kool Aid though, hopefully)!  Based on previous experience, I should be able to drink a glass at a cost of around 5 cents per glass versus the over $2.60 price for a small.

Next I’m going to try and increase my side income by 50% next year, and hopefully my overall income by an equal 50%.  I’m going to do this by working harder at the side income of things, and as for the employed income, I’m planning on picking up some side “employed” work!

Everything depends on my health.  It’s been a bit off since summer this year, but hopefully next year it will be a thing of the past!

Okay, I’m leaving now, but I just want to say that I really have no fear of the end of the world tomorrow.  If it were to happen, being afraid of it will do me no good.  Oh, and there is no way I’m drinking Kool Aid… that was totally a joke!




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