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Aggressive Financial Plans For The New Year

This New Year, my plans are different than in previous years.  I’m going with aggressive financial plans for the New Year!  This is really a part of a five year plan.

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Aggressive Financial Plans

  1. In 5 years, double my net worth.  This plan might not sound that aggressive, but I’ve done a fair job of accumulating net worth already.  So when you are starting out, it’s a much easier goal to accomplish than when you already have 10+ years of growing your net worth under your belt already.  So how am I going to do this task?  By increasing my Savings Delta!  It’s worked thus far, so why not push it a bit harder!
  2. Possible going into debt?!?  Sounds counterintuitive huh, or does it.  It’s pretty obvious that borrowing rates are incredible low right now, and house prices are still pretty reasonable.  So why not?  The worst that could happen is that I would own another house, but with one house totally paid off, it’s not much of a stretch buying another one.
  3. Expand and create new financial experiments.  I’m planning on continuing my lunch experiment, but actually it hasn’t ever stopped.  I’m just going to write about it more often.  I also have plenty of new financial experiments that I’ll be writing about too.  I think these ideas are what will expedite my wealth accumulation process.
  4. Control financial creep.  I’ll admit, in small ways, financial creep has gotten out of hand for me.  While I’m not buying a Lexus (yet), but I go out to eat way too much!
  5. New technology strong sites?  I know I have the technological abilities to create some interesting and beneficial sites and can do things that haven’t been thought of.  I’m hoping this year I just do it.  Barring health issues, I don’t see why I can’t…  time is ticking…
  6. Innovative Ideas?  I know that I’ve been sloppy.  I think of ideas but don’t follow them through because of time constraints (and health).  This year I would like to explore how far I can go.

 Aggressive Financial Plans Counterpoint

While I’m planning on being pretty aggressive financially next year, I’m not going to sacrifice my lifestyle in a too restricted way.  Life is short and if I go too restrictive with my finances and life, I lose the entire purpose of having money.  I have to remember that money is not the end goal, living well each year is…


Here’s to a Great New Year!


12 Responses to Aggressive Financial Plans For The New Year

  1. I think these are terrific resolutions. Going into debt for a rental property can be a smart decision as long as you’re a DIY kind of guy. My resolutions are on a continuum, I just have to get serious about them! Happy New Year!

    • Same to you!

      I’m at a pivotal time right now with my finances. I’m not poor, but I’m not rich either. It’s St. Elmo’s Fire time for me. Actually for the next five years I’ll probably be in this state.

      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Those are some stretch goals for sure…especially if you have had some health issues. I was really glad to read your last statement about not going to constraint yourself to the point you’re not enjoying life…it is short and although finances are very important, they mean nothing if you’re not able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.