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My Almost New Car And Why It Rocks

Not long ago, I hated my drive to work with my old car, but with my almost new Toyota Camry (2010), I’ve been noticing that I now find it enjoyable. While it may seem like I’m over-exaggerating, it’s true. In fact, now for entertainment, sometimes I’ll just pick a direction and drive. I haven’t done the driving for entertainment bit since I was a kid when I just got my driving license.

toyota camry 2010

I don’t drive for entertainment much though. Oh it’s not because I don’t enjoy it, instead it’s the fact that gas prices are so high that I hate wasting the money! If gas prices were much cheaper, I’m sure I’d be driving all over my state.

Here are the reasons I love my “almost” new car:

  1. The car looks like it is new. Given the fact that it had 27k miles on it when I bought it make it all that much more spectacular.
  2. The ride blows my old Chevy Malibu away. Now granted that my old Chevy Malibu was a 2003 model, I have a feeling that I’d still enjoy my “almost” new Camry vs a newer Chevy Malibu anyway.
  3. The gas mileage gain is a huge positive! Instead of filling up my car with gas once a week, it’s now every other week! I’m in heaven.
  4. The car looks so much new than my 2003 model. I feel like my car actually belongs in my company’s parking lot when I park it at work. Previously, with my old car I felt like it would look better at the junk yard than parked at work.
  5. The heater and air conditioner work! My “new at the time” Malibu had problems with the air conditioner almost immediately after I bought it.
  6. The Camry was purchased at a 35% discount to what a new Camry cost.
  7. It’s just all around more comfortable!

I should have called this post “Ode to my almost new car” lol.



15 Responses to My Almost New Car And Why It Rocks

  1. If I had all the money in the world, I’m sure I’d have a Porshe or two and would enjoy driving them. That being said, when I bought my Toyota Corolla, I bought it for the gas mileage, automatic shifter and 4door convenience. It was meant to be a family car and has done a great job..but I do love driving it too. It feels like a sports car, has enough power and looks great (Sport model).

    • Shoot, if I like the ride of my Camry, a Porshe would likely be heaven!

      Sadly, my wife has a Toyota 2003 Sienna minivan, and I even like driving it over my 2003 Malibu… It that’s not whacked when is? 🙂

    • Thanks, yeah I would have never guess that the quality of the ride would ever matter to me, but surprisingly it does. In the future, I’ll make sure to take such factors into consideration!

  2. I like driving my old Audi for the ride even though its over 10 years old. If you can but an old luxury car with reasonable gas mileage like the Audi or BMW the you can save a lot of money as opposed to buying new.

  3. I’m in the market for a new old car as well… did you get your Camry from a dealer or a private party? And how’d you find a new Camry with so few miles on it? I’ve been looking and haven’t found anything yet.

  4. This actually looks as new. I also love to drive around the city without any direction. This is like a stress-reliever to me, though I don’t do this often due to high gas price.

  5. Smart decision. Why not let someone else absorb the immediate loss associated with driving a new car off the lot when you get virtually the same product at a huge discount? Don’t know why more people don’t do this.

  6. Almost new cars DO rock! Less insurance, lower price, what more do you need? It leads to sleeping peacefully while your other friends who are in debt are sweating.