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Upper Middle Class Online Test

Just for kicks, I decided to take the Murray “Do you live in a bubble” test.  Basically the test tries to determine which class you are aligned up with the most closely, and whether you’re a 1st or 2nd gen in that particular class.  Try this link: ( “Do you live in a bubble“) to try the online test out!

Okay below are my results and I have to say that the categories that the site test projected is pretty close to where I would put myself within the spectrum.


I think particularly interesting in my case is the fact that my family has shifted out of middle class too, but when I was growing up, we were definitely just middle class.  In fact, I refer to myself as “Lower Upper Middle Class” whereas my family (parents and sister’s family) are both solidly Upper Middle Class.

While this test worked for me, I don’t put a lot of merit in such tests, and while the test is designed by a true professor that did some leg work to put together a decent test, one size does not fit all.  Upper Middle Class has different meanings depending upon where you live, and your culture.

Try the link above, it may be amusing for you too…



14 Responses to Upper Middle Class Online Test

    • 8 is very low!

      Based on what I know of you, I would think an 8 would describe you and your family history fairly closely!

      Thanks for trying it out, it’s good to hear what others score on the quiz!

    • My family grew out of working class. My dad started a business, and slowly they kept rising. When I graduated, they were still considered middle class, but today they are much higher than I am on such an socioeconomic scale.

      I’ll be honest, I kind of like being in the doorway between middle and upper middle class. Although I wish the money side was more!

    • TV is very middle class. I would have had a larger number as a score, but I hate TV and it’s life draining effects. I wish I lived in a larger city so I could hang out with more people that thought the same as I do about TV… lol

      But that said, it’s a loose test, and probably not very accurate.

  1. I scored a 49..but I lived at poverty level for 1/2 my life and now I’d rank myself upper middle class. I think I have pretty broad experience in both the blue collar and white color world.

    I had 3 potential categories I fell under, but this is the one that most closely related to my background.

    A first-generation middle-class person with working-class parents and average television and movie going habits.

    • I think I would have a much higher number if I watched TV more. I don’t do it as much now though, so that lowered my score quite a bit, probably to a incorrect degree…

      I would agree with your take about being upper middle class!

      And to think, the experts say it’s not possible for upward mobility in US society anymore… lol. I see it all the time though. It’s just a matter work hard and intelligent work.

      Good to hear from you, and I hope you are doing great! 🙂