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Do I Have Brilliant Ideas on Helping the Econony or No?

I’m tired of reading about people who are successfully in life or Actors putting forth their believes and ideas on topics that they haven’t lived or even researched.  I’m tired how the successful tell us all what to do, but don’t do it themselves (surely you know of an actor/actress that has a hummer or large SUV that complains about global warming).  Now I could rant and rave about this until I’m blue in the face, but looking like a smurf doesn’t really fix anything, does it…?

So here are my ideas that might be use for helping the economy today in the United States.

Idea 1.)  Instead of giving countries financial aid for free, why not invest in them instead?  That way it’s a win-win!  They benefit and United States benefits if the foreign countries thrive.

Idea 2.)  Why not have an extra taxes paid line on the income taxes form?  That way the liberal rich (or Warren Buffett) and actors/actresses that continually try to increase my taxes can put their money where their mouths are while leaving us alone!  Shoot perhaps the government could even have a wall of gratitude on their website to identify and thank the top above and beyond contributors.

Idea 3.)  This one might sound a bit off, but perhaps we should consider lowering the maximum contribution limit for retirement accounts or at least hold them steady for a few years.  Yeah, sounds like I went nuts huh.  But if tax collection is the goal of the current administration, reducing the contributions amounts would mainly those more able to contribute more to such plans.  Logically, such a change would be an indirect tax on those more wealthy that are able to afford to contribute the higher contribution amounts.  This would suck for me, but it’s still a viable option.  I think if the white house wants to get more “tax revenue” (I hate calling tax collection REVENUE…) then this is a viable way to do it in my opinion.

Idea 4.)  Perhaps social programs should be more of a forgivable debt?  Then those that do beat their social class and become millionaires could pay back some of the taxpayer’s monies?

Idea 5.)  The government should really review the wage inequality between countries.  Paying someone overseas only $1 in US currency while someone in the US get’s paid $20 for the same type of work is a pretty big incentive to move a lot of stuff offshore.  This is probably a lot more complex that I can imagine, but if a company that moves offshore charges $2 for a production vs $21 for the same product, and the products are identical or close to identical, which price are you willing to pay for it at Walmarts?

Okay, the ideas above are just a quick attempt at some ideas that might help the economy.  I fully admit, they are simplistic the way I present them, but still interesting, no?




11 Responses to Do I Have Brilliant Ideas on Helping the Econony or No?

  1. Your Idea 1 talked about giving “counties” financial aid for free, which seemed a little strange, until I realized you meant countries. Idea 2 has been a reality for years. The US Treasury will accept contributions from anyone who wants to contribute to the public debt. These contributions are considered to be charitable contributions. Those who itemize can claim a deduction for the contribution, although claiming the deduction is not mandatory.

    • Ha, good point on the typo! I’ll fix that!

      I think on #2 it needs to be better publicized then. Especially for those protesting the most. I bet if you asked those protesting about the taxes, they didn’t send in any extra amount.

      I guess I’m just tired of hearing the raise taxes and that the finger pointing at the top 1% of income earners. There will always be a 1% of income earners, that’s how percentages work…

      Mainly, I would like the government to think outside of the box on solutions, and to communicate those ideas. And if not the government, then somebody…

  2. Interesting ideas you put forward. In the UK, we’re punishing the poorest people by taking their benefits away, with the belief that will make the country richer.

    My idea, stop letting large corporations get away without paying Corporation tax. Just because they pay PAYE tax for employees isn’t enough.

    • Starting out without a lot of money, I’m not sure what you mean by taking away benefits? What benefits do you mean?

      On Corporate Taxation. If a company from your coutries makes a product for $50 but needs to increase the price of the product to $70 because of taxes, then a chinese company makes a similar product that only costs $55 (including shipping, etc), guess which company is going to go out of business and which employees are going to get laid off?

      I’m not trying to sound negative here, but this is basic economics learned in college, not to mention common sense. Sorry I do sound negative, but think about it…