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Slow Sale Zone Concerns

Do you Live in a Slow Sale Zone?

When buying a property, there are many factors that will influence your decision. Potential buyers may consider whether the property in question will increase in value over time, but there are many more questions to ask before making a commitment. The area itself can have an effect on the speed at which your property sells, so if you are struggling to sell a home, this could perhaps be the reason. Do you live in a slow sale zone?

School Catchment Area

There are many factors that contribute to your area being a slow sale zone and one of these is not living in a school catchment area. If you do not live near a grammar school, you could find that families or young couples may not be very interested in viewing your property. Being based near a reputable school is one of the main factors that influence a property buyer who has small children, and if the school they have their heart set on is too far away, this will lower your chances of making a sale. This may mean that you don’t get as many viewings as you had hoped for, but you can turn this around by making your home more appealing to students and professionals.

Crime Hotspot

If you live in an area that has a high crime rate, this could mean that you are looking at a slow sale. If your home has a higher than average crime rate, this will be a red flag for many potential buyers and it could prolong the sale process. The best way to put buyers’ minds at rest and increase the chances of a sale is to kit out your home with high quality security solutions. An alarm system, security gates and CCTV can make your home instantly more appealing and set your home apart from the other properties that are for sale in your area.

Nightmare Neighbors

It’s not just the area that can put potential buyers off purchasing your home.  The people that live nearby can also put doubts in buyers’ minds. Problem neighbors can drive down the value of your home and it is your responsibility as a seller to inform potential buyers of any disputes that have occurred. For example, if you have had disputes over land, it is essential that you put potential buyers in the picture as this directly affects the property in question. Nightmare neighbors needn’t ruin your chances of selling your property fast.


6 Responses to Slow Sale Zone Concerns

  1. I always look at the crime rate in areas I am thinking about moving too. It is just a load off my chest to know I am in a safer area, and when I am ready to move on I want to know I can find a buyer for my property.

    I think it is amazing on how different areas can sell at different rates. You might be in a hot real estate zone, but just on the wrong side of town.

  2. We do not live in a slow sales zone. There are good schools nearby and houses in the area are selling at higher prices than ever. That being said, I do wish we lived farther away from some apartment complexes that seem to have more than their share of scofflaws. We have lived in our house for 15 years, and will probably stay for at least another 10 years.