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The Beauty Of Robotics and Technology

In my last article called the Pros and Cons Of Automation, I think I let the Cons win over the Pros.

I can envision a future world where cameras will be able to record practically everything in a city or even towns.  It’s not as far-fetched as you would imagine.  Some may say, that the cost wouldn’t make it feasible, but I bet a similar argument was presented with respect to street lights in the distant past.  In fact thinking about it, it might even be possible to leverage street lights poles and wiring for such monitoring system today.

Another example is that we are able to do practically everything through our computer!  For example, I’ve recently heard of a way to buy life insurance online, whereas just a few years ago when I applied for more life insurance through my employer, they sent out a nurse for blood work tests and I had to mail a form into my workplace.  My how times have changed!

Someday, we might even all have robotic servants that manage and protect us, our homes and property.  Why have watch dogs when you can have security robots patrolling your yard for practically the cost of just charging their battery or whatever power system is in place at that future time.  If these security robots or systems detect an intruder, they can call the authorities and act as a defensive deterrent.  Hopefully, such systems won’t be outfitted with any type of lethal weaponry.

Are they are in control?
Are they are in control?

Let’s say that your home fire alarm system detects a fire, well perhaps you have a robotic system that can handle putting out the fire right away.  Such a robotic system could be specialized or just a general robot with such functionality built-in.  Personally, I’d rather have small robotic systems that are specialized to handle such emergencies.

Robots could do such things as help you remember important dates, change the oil in your car, do shopping for you when your inventory in the host get’s low, do labor that use to be manual such as mowing the lawn, or dishes, or practically anything that you use to do yourself.  Google has already created a car that can drive itself (although it’s still a decent way from becoming reality).

I could even see it come to a point where robots start to perform medical and legal assistance for their owners.  Perhaps a medical robot could do tests to monitor your health, including blood work and the like.  The tasks that robots can perform could be very empowering, especially if you are disabled or elderly.

I’ve just scratched the surface about what is possible with Robotics and Technology!  For example, what if robots pushed their experiences to some kind of tech cloud?  Then all robots of a particular model type could use such shared knowledge to increase their value to their owners.  Shoot, the procedures could even be discarded after the task is complete, and then downloaded again when needed.  Kind of spooky but cool huh!

The future could be pretty amazing!


15 Responses to The Beauty Of Robotics and Technology

  1. I’m hoping it won’t take multiple decades for everyone to have self driving cars. I’m also hoping that with faster and faster computers and robotics, it will be easier and cheaper to come up with individually tailored drugs that will cure cancer for once and for all.

  2. Since we already have robots that vacuum our homes (even though they haven’t perfected those yet) I can see lawn mowing robots in the near future.

    Self driving cars would be amazing. It would free up a lot of time I now spend driving to and from work. BUT this would also end up putting millions of truckers out of work.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen robotic lawn mowing devices too, but they are kind of lame right now though and kind of expensive (but not too bad).

      I expect in the next 10 years a very viable solution should exist.

  3. I grew up watching the Jetsons, so of course, I want a flying car. I think I could almost swear off living a frugal lifestyle if there really was a robot that could do all my housework and cooking. I’d pay good money for that bot!

    • I think (10 years or so after the first real powerful models come out), household working robots will be cheaper than human labor. Expensive layout, but then cheap to have and operate.

  4. I welcome robots and look forward to their continued integration into our everyday lives. They have already helped out in so many ways, my only concern is the loss of jobs or entire industries because of robotic labor. I am all for efficiency but not if it costs people their jobs. On a very different note, love the terminator picture, hope that never happens!