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Why Does The Media Still Print Stuff About Madoff?

The man committed a Ponzi scheme of unbelievable proportions…

So again I have to ask why does the media still print what Bernie Madoff says, knowing that he committed one of the largest frauds in history?  Basically hiding the truth for years, as he robbed many a life savings from investors all along…

To me, I would think that the media would realize that Madoff committed a huge crime that alone would demand that anything the man says is not to be trusted and definitely not publicized!  Me, as just a normal Joe, even I would think that the man is just trying to get attention because life sucks behind bars, or even worse, he’s trying to get less time in Prison by creating a story and hoping that somehow he can make a deal with the justice system.  This is a fantasy of a man in prison and should be ignored.  Such coverage and attention paying to Madoff gives the man attention that isn’t warranted.  Shoot, there was a documentary about how Madoff looks for TV and new coverage about himself in prison.  Isn’t it obvious that this is just an attempt to feed his own fetish?

This isn’t the first thing that Madoff has said that was unbelievable, so why should he be believable now?  Does the media channels really believe what he is saying is newsworthy?  Are they really that naive, don’t they realize that printing such garbage lessens the respect people have for the media channel?

Don’t believe this garbage out there about Bernie…  Madoff is just playing with everybody for his own jollies.  Be the smarter person and ignore any Madoff news or better yet, write to any Madoff news media outlets chastising them of their folly in covering this horrible man!

Sad times…



10 Responses to Why Does The Media Still Print Stuff About Madoff?

  1. People I don’t care about that the media keep hyping: Bernie Madoff; any actor or actress; and non-actors, like the Kardashians, who get media interest just because they have managed to market themselves well.

    • Great point! 🙂

      It’s a shame that our society is that way. Actors, actresses and other celebrities get so much attention, when there are much better opinions and thoughts out there…

      I do like Ben Stein’s opinions, but he’s the exception to the rules…

  2. I quite agree with what you’ve to say. But its also true that this post of yours about Madoff has garnered most of the comments…I guess.. isn’t it? The point is driven home I believe..:)

  3. Our society definitely has problems prioritizing their values.

    Absolutely no one should give a damn what people like Bernie Madoff are doing, or what he has to say about anything.

    He is nothing more than a degenerate low life who was unable to use his knowledge to earn an honest living. He chose instead a life as a con man.. scamming honest, hard working people out of their life savings so that he and his family could live a life of privilege at the expense of others.

    He is now in jail where he belongs and should be allowed to rot in peace for the remainder of his life.

    Whenever people see articles about Bernie Madoff.. they should bombard the news source with objections regarding the continued coverage of this disgusting man.

    What makes them think anyone wants to hear more about this colossal loser?