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Real Estate Search – Marble Restoration Edition

Lately, I’ve been pretty busy!

So what am I doing that is dominating my time?  2 words… Real Estate!

I’m both looking for a slightly bigger house and/or a decent piece of rental property to purchase.

So why is this called the “Marble Restoration” Edition?  Well basically I found a pretty decent house, but the marble bathrooms (and in particular the showers) in the larger house has some aged but still pretty marble areas.  While the house in general looks amazing, the granite has a somewhat shoddy looks and needs restored or replaced.

I’ll look around to see if I can do it myself via some third party that specialized in that kind of work, or perhaps see what I can do with respect to repairing it, or at least making it look a little better.

I have a buddy that always tries to do finishing work in his house, but everybody can tell that it’s just not quite right…  Sometimes finishing work is best left to those folks that are more qualified to do such work.  If the project were something that I feel comfortable in doing myself, such as washing machine repair or some similar DIY project where I can have multiple tries at fixing it, and without worry of damaging the product, then I say go for it!  But with granite, it’s an one attempt only product and I’d rather let those with the proper experience and skills tackle.

While I may not buy the house that I’m talking about (it’s a bit expensive), the marble restoration described above will be something I keep in my notes, just in case I do decided to buy a house with beautiful granite that needs fixed.



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