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Money Reasons is a blog about my progress to become financial independent (now that I’m debt-free) and money management in general.

This site will be comprised of frugal tips, and financial tips that I have used or that I’m considering.  I will also bring up other financial topics like 401(k)s, 529s, UTMAs, Roth IRAs, Stocks, ADRs and other financial topics that I find interesting.


Growing up, I was raised to hold on to my dollars with super glue, so even the smallest purchase today, gives me much turmoil.  I’m approaching the point  in my life where soon I’ll be total debt free (update: 02/25/2010 – this has been accomplished.  It’s a great state to be in, but in may ways it’s like changing to a higher grade for a child in school.  I feel like I’m a freshman in high school, where everything is new and different.

Presently (10/15/2009)  I’m struggling now , (update:03/15/2010, I’m still struggling on the plan, grrr) to try to develop a plan going forward that will be my financial base for the next stage of my financial journey (now that I will be debt free in Feb, 2010, update: accomplished 🙂 ).

I’m torn between working more to earn extra money, and spending more time with the kids.  Hard choices, so far, being there for my kids is winning out.  But there is always that voice in back of my mind, telling me to run faster, work harder…  After all, I’ll need that money when the kids are ready to go to college.

I also would like to give my kids a solid financial start, so I’ve opened UTMA accounts from both my son and daughter.

This blog will help me make choices and also to think more clearly about where I want to go financially.  I’ll be coming up with off-the-beaten-path ideas, that I’ll occassionally throw in the blog.  I’d appreciate any feedback on the ideas and experiments I introduce.  Comments are greatly appreciated, since they could potentially improve the ideas I introduce.

Now for the question “Are you a financial advisor?”, No I’m not a financial advisor.  I am not advising anyone, and often time, I’ll be writing the blog contents so I can think through my money strategies.  That said, for most of my ideas, I am the guinea pig!  And I am my best example of a success (or failure) in the experiments I pursue or have accomplished.

Thanks, and please feel free to make suggestions!

– MR

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