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Best Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards

Coming in the near future, I will dedicate a page to the credit cards that I use and the ones that friends recommend.

Currently, I mainly focus on reward credit cards such as the following:

Chase Freedom Credit Card
American Express Blue Cash Card

I will also include other credit cards that my friends use in the near future…

Below are some of the articles that I have written about how to use credit cards to your advantage.

My philosophy about credit cards is that they are just tools to get things accomplished. If abused, you can get in trouble with them. An analogy would be to eat ice cream. I have the opportunity to eat ice cream each and every day, and for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I were to do so, well I would be in trouble, but I don’t. I just eat ice cream on special occasions, and for an occasional delight.

So, as you can imagine, credit cards are completely under my control, and not the other way around.

Within this blog, I’m planning on sharing my insights and the techniques I use to make credit cards work for me.