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Benefits of Blogger Carnivals

Blogger Carnivals are great mechanisms to get noticed from both the public and your niche blogging community (Mine is personal finance and anything money or value related). In this article I’m going to identify the various benefits of both “submitting to” and hosting blogger carnivals. Benefits of Hosting a Carnivals This is a great way… Continue Reading

Yakezie Carnival Newbie Edition Spillover

Here are a few posts from the Yakezie Carnival Newbie Edition that didn’t make the initial carnival because I was on vacation. Sometimes errors to the spreadsheet happens and this one was caused by me being out of town with limited access to internet resources. Isn’t it amazing how much we all depend on the… Continue Reading

Yakezie Carnival 7/10/2011 – Birthday Edition, Part 2

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival – Birthday Edition, Part 2. The Birthday part of the carnival was in reference to my son’s birthday last week, but his week it’s in reference to who just had her blog turn one!, and the newly born full-time blogger Crystal at (we’re very excited for her!), and Kay Lynn at who… Continue Reading