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Debt Busting Credit Cards

Today’s post is provided by Les, who is a writer for Credit cards come in many guises to entice new borrowers. However, with discipline and a good routine, one type of offer, the balance transfer, can be made to work in the users’ favor. Simply, a balance transfer is where one can move the… Continue Reading

Credit Cards Cannot Be Used To Buy Certain Things!

In the article on the website called: What Your Credit Card Won’t Let You Buy, the article makes the following statement: To the surprise of consumers, major credit card companies are making decisions about what they can and can’t buy with their credit cards. What’s off-limits? Legal purchases like gambling chips and donations to… Continue Reading

Citicard Diamond Preferred Card Update

  During “The Great Recession“, one of my favorite credit card the “Citi Diamond Preferred” card seemed to have discontinue the Best Buy $100 gift card for 10,000 points option.  In fact, they seemed to discontinue most of the $100 gift cards for 10,000 points options!  Instead they seemed to be offering a $25 gift… Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Use A Credit Card

The following guest post is from United Kingdom writer (Les Roberts, and so a small italicized section of the following article pertains just to the UK (section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974), the rest of the article applies to all.     Many people view credit cards as the monetary equivalent of an… Continue Reading