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Why We Should Not Hate Businesses

One thing about the News stations are that they only tell you the bad news that they know you’ll watch, and this makes sense, the new station is a business trying to make money and not giving the public what they want is a sure way to go out of business.  But to me it… Continue Reading

Why Companies HAVE To Make Profits

A buddy at work didn’t understand why corporations needed to try to make, what he called  “huge profits“, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the topic. Have you ever been to a soccer (or basketball or football) game where the opposing team looked like they were standing still, and the game was a… Continue Reading

US Sues To Block AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile

Why Does the US Sue to Block the AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile? AT&T is the second largest cellular plan provider (Verizon is number 1).  T-Mobile is the fourth largest provider of cellular plan in the US, and is owned by Deutsche Telekom AG.  The third largest US cellular plan provider is Sprint… Based on the… Continue Reading

Bye Borders, I Will Miss You!

  Did the Amazon technological marvel called “Kindle” kill the book store behemoth Borders?  Borders said that is exactly what has happened, I wonder if Barnes and Noble is next?  I’m sad to say that 10,700 Border employees are now out of a job! In my previous blog entry called “Is Technology A Job Killer?” I basically… Continue Reading