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President Obama Hates Me, Financially!

Some days (actually most days) it seems like President Obama hates me.  It almost like he is personally looking at all that I’ve been trying to accomplish financially, and then he totally tries to derail my efforts! Sadly, most of my efforts have taken years to accomplish! I feel this way because of the following: The… Continue Reading

Buy Local, How I Support My Community

Over at Get Rich Slowly‘s site, J.D. has a great article today called “Why I Buy Local“.  And as I started to add a comment, I noticed that all the other comments from other readers were pretty as long as a typical blog entry by themselves.  So I decided to add to his work and put… Continue Reading

Big Crash, Time To Invest?

Last week’s big gains was washed away by the stock market’s harsh dip this past Friday (DOW was slipped -261 points). The market seems so choppy, is it time to packup the wagon and head to the hills? I’d say no… Why?  Because Warren says so! Warren Buffett exclaimed that he doesn’t believe a double dip… Continue Reading