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Puddles Pity Party “Royals – by Lorde” Cover Review

As a fan of Lorde’s Royals, I heard about a cover that was as good as Lorde’s original, but with a different flavor.  Intrigued, I had to go and check it out and much to my surprise I wasn’t disappointed!  While the singing is great, what really makes this a great cover is the facial expressions by the singer!

As someone who doesn’t really like clowns, this time it’s different!  This might be one of the coolest clown singers ever.  He also has a site called  I’m actually thinking about getting a shirt from the store page!


I would go on, but I think the video is enough in itself… check it out and enjoy!


Just in case you’re not familiar with the original “Royals” version by “Lorde”, I’ve included it below.  It’s incredible too, but I think I prefer the expressions while Puddles Pity Party version slightly better.  What do you think?

Which version do yo prefer?

Fun on a Sunday

Today, the weather is so nice for a March day, that I decided to go out and had a little fun with the family instead of staying boarded up in the house! But not wanting leave nothing here on this fine Sunday, inspired by Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, I decided to share a video… Continue Reading