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A Rare Special Frugal Activity With My Son

  Last night, my son semi-excitedly asked me if I want to watch a meteor shower.  That day, I was pretty ragged, not sleeping much because of computer problems I’ve been having for the last few days.  I could have said, no thanks son, I’m too tired… but I didn’t, and here’s why! It’s rare that… Continue Reading

My Son Turns 10, Thoughts and Regrets

My son has recently turned double digits!  He’s now 10, and the time just flew by… I think he’s had a good childhood to this point, but there are things that I didn’t get to do with him that I wanted to do.  So I thought I’d list some of my regrets: Playing scientist:  I… Continue Reading

Birthday Dividend Funds For My Kids

For my son and daughter’s birthdays, they each get $10 for every year that they are old.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I’ve given them $50 for every birthday until their 6th.  On their 6th, I then give $10 for every year that they are old…  Once they hit 10 years old, I’m increasing the… Continue Reading