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Pulling The Family Sled

In my family, I pull the financial sled alone. As I watch my friends become rich along with their working wife, husband or significant others, I can’t help look at them with a quiet envy as I pull the family sled alone.  I feel alienated, and slowly over years I avoid more fortunate friends as… Continue Reading

When Debt is a Good Thing

Back in the post called “Back in Debt But It is Different this Time“, I mentioned that instead of buying my used Toyota Camry outright, I decided to take advantage of the cheap loan interest rates and borrowing the money from the banks and invest the cash that I would have used to purchase the… Continue Reading

Personal Finance Funk

Today, I’m sitting in a library realizing that I’m in a kind of personal finance funk lately and that I made a lot of personal finance mistakes these past years, but now I’m down the road so far that it’s hard to imagine going back and rethinking my choices.  Things have been set into motion… Continue Reading

Checking Out Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Program

I’m flying out on a business trip soon, and I heard about the following information which I believe is pretty interesting.   Southwest Airlines works together with Chase Bank to provide loyal customers with the Rapid Rewards credit card program. These cards are available for both regular and business travelers who frequently use Southwest Airlines… Continue Reading