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Smart People Are Not Always Financially Savvy People

Smart people don’t always makes the best financial decisions.  Sometimes smart people are not always financially savvy people!  I’m going to illustrate a few stories below of my personal experiences of such people that I respect that you would think are financially clever, but their past history proves otherwise. As I’ve mentioned in the past,… Continue Reading

Are Laptops and Smart Devices Worth It?

By now, if you read my site, you know that I’m about acquiring assets that make money!  But one grey area that I think it worth considering is electronics!  My question is:  Are laptops and smart devices money losers? In my particular case, I own a laptop that has enabled me to do work in… Continue Reading

Are You Always Ready To Fight Financially?

In many ways, we are at war on the personal finance front.  We are continually getting bombarded with spending opportunities (really traps and tricks), both from TV and peers.  We need to be ready to fight financially to get the best deals and protect our financial health. Technology is continually being improved which means that… Continue Reading

My Personal Finance Pyramid Update

My Personal Finance Pyramid A few years ago I decided to create a road map while I slowly climb my way up a financial pyramid, trying to acquire more wealth!  I see such a climb as a struggle towards building wealth!  A pyramid (based off of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs) seemed to be a great… Continue Reading