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Cheap Workout Report 13 – The Sickness

Maybe it’s because this would be my 13th report (pretty spooky huh…), but sadly, I’ve been derailed in my workout efforts!

Everything was humming along nicely, then BAM we had Christmas at my house this year and someone was sick, and so I got sick as a side result.  It was bad, in fact it was so bad that the week I took off from work I ended up spending mostly in bed sick!

it’s started out as a cough, but by the third day I was pretty bad.  I was coughing up badness for two weeks, then it stopped.  The coughing subsided and I thought I had beat it, I was wrong.  Instead I had Bronchitis and was constantly fatigued.  I had to take a few extra sick days off from work and on the days I did go to work, once I got home I climbed into bed and was out for the night!  Finally realizing it was bad and not getting better I finally broke down and went to the doctor this past Monday (1/12/2015).  She gave me some antibiotics (Azithromycin or more commonly called Z-Pak ), and for the past few days I’ve been on those.

Finally I feel better, but my cough came back too.  I only have 1 more Z-Pak pill left, i hope it’s enough!

So that’s why you haven’t seen any posts from me lately.  With luck, the last pill will do the trick and this weekend I can start working out again… albeit slowly…

Hopefully, the start of your New Year was better than mine!


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