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Happy Chinese New Year Friends!

For those of us in the US, the Chinese New Year starts tomorrow (although it really has happened already in China since it’s 1/23/2012).

I think it’s cool that my son was born in the Year of the Dragon, so around every Chinese New Year, we have a small celebration by going out to eat at a Chinese restaurant.  Usually we go a few days before the actually Chinese New Year, but since it kind of popped up on us, we’ll try today…

The Chinese New year was also called the Lunar New Year.

Year of the Dragon

What I find interesting about the Chinese New Year is that the date actually varies and is not a hard date as we have in the European countries.

The great thing about the Chinese New Year, is it is a time for Chinese families to bond and have a feast together.  In honor of such a holiday, I decided to compile a quick list of bloggers I feel are like family or friends, see below.

Since it is the Chinese New Year, I think at this point it would be a great segue to go into links to other bloggers that would be considered family or great friends.


Bloggers that are like Family or Great Friends:

  • Financial Samurai – The Financial Samurai is one of the reasons that I’m still blogging today.  This incredible blogger was the second person to ever comment on my site, and through his creation of the Yakezie Network has given many personal finance bloggers a place to call a online second home.  All of that said, the blogger at the Financial Samurai remains one of most enjoyable and “mind opening” sites within the blogosphere.  This is the reasons that it’s almost a prerequisite that Sam’s site be mentioned first!
  • Everyday Tips and Thoughts– Kris is an incredible writer.  Her style of writing makes if feel like you are at a small quiet cafe talking with her about what is going on in life.  He knowledge and perception of matters runs very deep and she truly knows a lot about everything.  Personally, I find her material much like chocolate candy in the fact that I enjoy every bit of her posts!  I think I also like that Kris shares the same point of view on matters as I do.  As many other would state, Kris feels like a great friend online, and I’m sure if you have ever read some of her articles, you would be addicted to her site as I am.
  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff– Crystal is yet another diamond in the ruff!  I encountered Crystal’s site through Kris’s site.  I’ve never encountered a person quite like the drive and capacity that Crystal has.  She is constantly amazing me with what she accomplishes!  Crystal’s site is a great read because of great material, but also because she is very open about what she is doing online, and all of her stats.  She has developed a very large and dedicated follow because of both her endless drive, openness and create content.  Reading her material is also like being in a Cafe talking with her about thinking going on in her life!
  • 20s Finances– Corey is a new surprise for me.  I was starting to think that my cast of sites that I visit on a reoccurring schedule was set, but Corey has taken both me and the personal finance community by storm.  In many ways his drive and style of writing reminds me of Crystal.  Perhaps that one of the reasons that I enjoy reading his material so much.If your watching for break out bloggers, Corey is the one to watch this year!  He too, fits the mold of feeling like he’s in a Cafe talking to me about what is going on both in his life and the world around us.  Great stuff!
  • – Each of the member bloggers at this site have content that I enjoy reading.  Although they all approach finances from a different age and lifestyle perspective, each are also similar in their core financial fundamentals.  Each of the members of this site, I would gladly call my friend.


Well, I’m know I’m just scratching the surface, not mentioning First Gen American, Well Heeled Blog, Wealth Informatics, Prairie Eco-Thrifter, Watson Inc, Frugal Confessions, Canadian Financial Blog, Money Crush, Bucksome Boomer, all the member sites included in the Yakezie, “Out of your Rut”, Barb Friedberg, the Millionaire Nurse, Len Penzo and many, many more!  But a local Chinese restaurant has my name on it, and I’m getting hungry!


Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks


I think this start of the new year, I’m going to develop a reading queue of site that I will visit daily (when possible), weekly and monthly (or perhaps bi-weekly).  I think I will structure it so that the sites that I visit can float in and out of the three groups above.

Now you might be thinking “monthly” (again perhaps bi-weekly), how can I read all of the material on a monthly (or bi-weekly) schedule?  Well because of the really great but “without a lot of time” bloggers that only post new material weekly.  The incredible blogger at Watson Inc. is one such blogger and will be at the top of my monthly/bi-weekly list!

Happy Chinese New Year!



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