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Aggressive Financial Plans For The New Year

This New Year, my plans are different than in previous years.  I’m going with aggressive financial plans for the New Year!  This is really a part of a five year plan. Aggressive Financial Plans In 5 years, double my net worth.  This plan might not sound that aggressive, but I’ve done a fair job of… Continue Reading

Getting Your Ideas Implemented

Taking in account my personal history, I’ve been doing it wrong when it comes to getting my ideas implemented or my problems resolved.  You see, in the past, I would stop perusing an idea or problem once I encountered rejection (credit card companies bank on this… literally).  For instance, I’d have an incredible idea at… Continue Reading

Summer Time Financial Process Reflection

Summer is a tough time for bloggers, at least if you live in a seasonal state that has a snowy winter period. It a time to be busy with family, friends and life in general. During the business oriented and financial slowdown for the summer, often it’s also a relaxed time to examine your current… Continue Reading