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Why Diversifying Isn’t Always Necessary For High Stock Market Returns

The following is a guest post by Ryan.  He brings up a great point about diversification in the stock market isn’t always the best option.   Without further ado… In an era where financial markets market can fluctuate quickly and extremely, fortunes can be won or lost in an instant. However, smart investors try to minimize… Continue Reading

Year End Investment Portfolio Analysis

So after writing the article called “Mutual Funds versus Stocks Why I Choose Stocks“, I wondered if my personal “regular account” gains from the past would trump my 401k gains.  I was especially curious about as long of a record period as I could calculate.  So ironically (or is it because I’m focused on this… Continue Reading

Alternative Income Level 1 Update

Two and a  half years ago, I created an article called Creating Alternative Income Milestones, and I’m happy to say that I’ve made it to level 1 already!  I’m about one year ahead of where I thought that I would be in my progress! In the article Creating Alternative Income Milestone, I mentioned that I… Continue Reading