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Why I Enjoy Investing In A Roth IRA

First let me start out by saying that I’ve been neglecting my Roth IRA.  I’ve been neglecting it by not contributing to it in the past two years.  Ironcially, I really do enjoy investing in a Roth IRA though! I’ve been neglecting it, and instead building my regular brokerage account balance.  One reason that I… Continue Reading

Roth IRA Benefits for Kids

Because of  the wonderful Roth IRA benefits for kids, once my kids start to earn some income (aka get a job), I’m going to have them open a Roth IRA.  A small problem is that currently my kids are ages 7 and 11, so I many have to come up with a clever way for… Continue Reading

Roth IRA Contributions versus Roth Investment Gains

Roth IRA Contributions versus Roth Investment Gains I have some friends at work that don’t understand what I believe are some very important aspects of a Roth IRA.  Some I’m going to identify an overlooked aspect of Roth Ira because of the unusual word “Contributions”.  Yes we all know the definition of the word contribution, but it’s still… Continue Reading

Roth IRA – The Dividend Shield

Yes, that is correct!  I’m planning on using my Roth IRA as a dividend shield (actually more of a dividend tax shield)! You see, eventually the Tax cuts (from Bush’s Presidency) will expire in the future, and that means that for those of us that own shares in dividend stocks the following changes might happen (but… Continue Reading

Sound 2010 Roth IRA Information

I think that everybody should have a Roth IRA! It is more fun that David Lee Roth! And by fun, I mean not paying taxes on the future earnings! First the Basics: The following is the “2010 Income Limits” range information. MAGI stand for “Modified Adjusted Gross Income“, and not Gross Income! 2010 Roth IRA… Continue Reading