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How Independent Are We Really?

In my humble opinion, we are very dependent… on both public systems and businesses! When I moved out of my parent’s house back when I was a teenager going to college, I thought that I was independent!  I felt like such a grown-up, making my way in the world, going to college to better myself. … Continue Reading

Things That Make Us Happy!

Things That Make Us Happy, are often the simple things in life! When I was a kid, I use to think that a sports car and a big fancy house with lots of property would bring me the most happiness! I was the guy that would give irritated “How annoying” looks to couples with babies… Continue Reading

Upgrading to a McMansion!

Upgrading to a McMansion! Well, my friend that won a house has upgraded from their free townhouse to a McMansion!  Actually the house is even on the large side for a McMansion since it’s over 4,000 square feet! Now both my friend and her husband can’t really afford such a house if it were just… Continue Reading