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My Secret Wealth Goal

Okay, obviously this isn’t going to be much of a secret wealth goal soon, but here is anyway… My “Secret Wealth Goal” is to have a Net Worth Amount that is larger than the total amount of my “After College” income amounts for each year that I’ve been working. An example would be if you… Continue Reading

The Good, Being Wealthy Can Do

We’ve all seen the classic representation of the wealthy constantly monitoring their wealth and always trying to make a buck.  In such depictions of the wealthy, one could believe that the rich are actually a very small-minded, unintelligent group.  But I think that real history proves otherwise, and today I’m going to discuss my top… Continue Reading

How Money Can Increase Happiness Mega – List

Last week, I created the article called: How Money Can Improve Your Life and Make You Happier.  After writing it I thought, I bet other pf (personal finance) bloggers may have ideas that I didn’t think of or perhaps never would. So the following is a listing of those blogger’s comments and the creative ideas… Continue Reading