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Wealth Myth – Stay Married to Become Wealthy

Like everything in life, the “Stay Married to Become Wealthy” saying really depends on the situation! I have two different friends that have financial inept spouses from Hell.  One got a divorce and is doing fine, while the other is living in a continually tortured life with constant battles with debt. Friend #1 (this is… Continue Reading

Do Blogs or Dividends Pay Better Returns?

As I am planning my escape from my day job, I am working hard to build up passive income streams. Two of my planned income streams will be money from blogging and dividend investments. Money Reasons often covers the idea of using dividends to pay for everyday expenses, so I couldn’t think of a better… Continue Reading

Alternative Plans For Financial Independence

Is My Financial Independence Plan Flawed? With respect to Financial Independence, I now realize that previously, I’ve put my entire financial independence strategy in just one well known plan. My “Financial Independence Plan A” is pretty much your standard run-of-the-mill savings by frugal means and invest that savings like a fiend.  To be honest, so… Continue Reading