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Frugal Weight Loss Update 210

Weight Loss Update

Since my last update in the article: weight loss update on August 16th, I’m down 5 more pounds to 210.

After getting home from the financial conference called FinCon12, I weighted myself and low and behold, I was dead even at 210 pounds!  I knew when I weighted myself before the conference, I was at 211 pounds.  This is surprising since at the conference I went off of my diet a bit and enjoyed all the great free food that was provided by the conference!  My goal was to be 210 for the conference, and I’m thinking that while I was there I must have hit that goal (perhaps while on the flight, I didn’t eat much that day at all).

The weight loss milestone 210 is an important one for me…  It means that I’m now at Active Weight!  By “Active Weight“, I mean that instead of just going a few basic pushups and situps, I can incorporate more action based activities into my exercise routine (like lifting weights, jogging, tennis, etc).

Optimal Lifestyle Goal

My philosophy towards weight loss and health is a bit different than what is popular in the mainstream today.  Unlike other more intense programs, I don’t want to work out so hard that I feel like throwing up!  I also don’t want to be in intense pain (from sore muscles) for the next few days or even weeks.  To me feeling miserable isn’t my optimal lifestyle nor healthy!

My goal is to both “slowly” and “quickly” morph into optimal shape!  My “slowly“, I mean gain over the long haul, to not do a program for 90 days then take time off and do it again.  That’s too much yoyo-ing for me, and not stable.  What I want is something that I enjoy doing and actually look forward to doing, which optimizes my lifestyle.  Why do something that you don’t enjoy when there are enjoyable alternative that you can do instead?

By “quickly“, I mean that I don’t want to take half the day or even a few hours every day working out!  Ideally I want a program that I can do in about 20 to 30 minutes every other day (if that).

Superman's Cape

Exceptions to the “quickly” rule!

My first exception to the “quickly” rule is if the activity is something I enjoy doing and would even pay to do it!  I enjoy water sports, so wave-running (jet skis), water skiing, swimming, etc… is something that I don’t mind doing, even if it takes me a few hours!

The second exception to the “quickly” rule is if I’m getting paid for doing it.  I describe this phenomenon in this article: “Getting Paid To Lose Weight“.

Next Weight Loss Milestone sub-200!

My next “Big” milestone is to break though (actually more slip through) is the 200 pounds barrier!  Once I get under 200, I would consider myself to be pretty successful with my weight loss program, especially if I’m lifting weights, enjoying my activities, and doing some very quick cardio (maybe 30 minutes on some days).

Thanks for reading my progress!


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