Smart Reasons to Save, Use and Invest Money

Three Options to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy

Drowning in Debt With No Way Out: Three Options to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy Debt is very easy to accumulate, but never as easy to get rid of. Whether you’re in debt as a result of unexpected circumstances, or simply from improperly handling your finances, the stress of dealing with the aftermath can often be… Continue Reading

Proof That Buy and Hold Still Makes Sense

After the shock and hit from “The Great Recession”, everybody and their cousins came out and said that the “buy and hold” strategy doesn’t work and the days of 9 to 10% annual returns were over. So, I decided to come to the defense of the buy and hold strategy once again.  Back in one… Continue Reading

Can You Really Negotiate Rent Prices

You might be wondering can you really negotiate rent prices A landlord has the right to increase your rental rate once your lease expires. At that point, you will, of course, have had a heads up of this happening. So should you sit around and just accept it or move out? No, you should try… Continue Reading