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15 Advantages of Blogging

After blogging for almost a year and a half, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the same person I was when I started blogging.

It took a while, kind of like the way a blacksmith in a past times would hammer away at a sword blade, continuing to harden the metal, while also shaping the edge of the blade.  Blogging has had that type of effect on me!  I can tell that blogging has sharpened both my communications skills and my writing abilities!

Back when I started, word were difficult to write down, and I guess you could say that I was a writing weakling.  While writing still isn’t my strong point, I have strengthened this ability, much like a weight lifter would improve their muscle tone by lifting weight day in and day out.

Advantages of Blogging

  1. I can now write better than I have ever before,
  2. My sense of organization have improved vastly!
  3. My patience for the tedious tasks done has also improved vastly.
  4. I’m not afraid to seem pretentious by using words that are not typically used day in and day out.
  5. I’m no longer intimidated by others that have similar but much larger blogs.
  6. I learn something new almost daily (and sometimes it seems like hourly).
  7. I’ve met some great people online, and learned to respect other intelligent opinions too.
  8. I make enough money to support my blogging hobby.
  9. I’ve become a more trusting and friendlier person.
  10. I’ve learned to have more patience with my family and especially my son and daughter.
  11. I’ve learned to work for fun
  12. I’ve learned to get along with less sleep (as I type this at 1:00am)
  13. I’m able to explore the hidden, creative side of my being, especially with experiments!
  14. I’ve learned not to be so defensive, and let attacks on me roll off of my shoulders.
  15. I’ve learned to create pillar posts (like my recent Disney World post).

As long as you don’t let blogging run your life, the above advantage of blogging are great!


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