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It’s About More Than the Money (Book Review)

The book: “It’s About More Than the Money” is written by a Saly A. Glassman who is a Senior Vice President at a major financial institution in the Wealth Management area. 

This book is a bit different the standard run of the mill financial book, so I decided to review it differently.  Instead of a chapter per chapter analysis of the book, I’m just going to tell you what impressed me the most!

Reading this book, it was obvious that the book was written for wealthier investors.  In fact, I would guess that the target segment is the top 10%  of the population with respect to net worth.

What impressed me was some of the thought involved in her writing technique!  She start with a great comparison of the way we make money.  She states that as we are younger we derive most of our money from human capital then later we hopefully make most of our money from financial capital.

Her approach to money is very rational and logical.  She has one of the best approaches towards determining your investing risk that I have read to date.

A major point in her book is to striking what I would call a holistic balance toward life and money.  In such an approach, she advocates health, responsibility and discipline.

This is a book that I’ll probably end up reading again some day in the future when I have more financial investments and assets.

The only part that I wasn’t so keen on in the book was the pushing of getting an financial advisor scattered throughout many of the book chapters.  But if I were in the top 5% or 10 % of the population with respect to wealth, even that element would be good advice.

So would I buy this book?  Yes, but only if you expect to have a net worth in the upper 10% of the population someday.  For me, I’m not at that level yet, but I hope to someday be in that scenario, so I personally would recommend this book to someone who as similar aspirations.  So if you are at least in the top 40% of the population with respect to net worth, I believe you may find that this book is worth reading!

If you think this book may be of some interest to you, click the amazon link below and read some of the other reviews listed on Amazon’s site.

Thanks for reading my review on this unique and original book!