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My 2011 Summer Vacation Review

Summer Vacation Review Part 1

First we stayed in Hilton Grand Vacation Suites at SeaWorld, and while it was an older hotel, it was still pretty nice.  What was really great though was that across the street was the SeaWorld parking lot!  Talk about close to the action!

SeaWorld wasn’t exciting for me, but I grew up with it…  But my kids loved it, and my daughter said it was the best vacation ever for her (she loved dolphins and orcas).

Next we went to Discovery Cove with was just a little further down the street from our hotel too!  We loved being so close to the action and even at a good price too since the hotel was only about $130 a night!

Discovery Cove was a good resort and fun.  They put some time into making it look cool, and the kids loved it.  It’s the dolphin ride that they will both remember though.  I’m glad I have it on film!

Summer Vacation Review Part 2

The Captiva Island (a sister island to Sanibel Island) part of our vacation we very interesting and went at a much slower pace, and by slower…  I mean really slow!

The island was beautiful and the sunset was awesome, but restaurants close on Sunday!?!  Yep, that’s right, the restaurants are closed on Sunday!  We had to drive to Sanibel Island to find an open restaurant.  During the weekdays, the restaurants and bars close after 11:00pm!  This is a far cry from Myrtle Beach!

My son didn’t get stung by any jellyfish this year, but he didn’t go very deep into the ocean either though.

The highlight of the vacation for me was just hanging out with friends and family, chilling by the pool and watching the sunset go down!

My vacation is coming to a conclusion, soon I’ll be back to my normal middle class lifestyle.

But it was a great time all around!



Swimming With Dolphins On Vacation

Both of my kids love dolphins! So this year my wife found a package were the family can “swim with dolphins” and the go to Sea World the next day during our Florida vacation.  Needless to say, this package is expensive. Since both of my kids are still relatively young, a requirement in the deal… Continue Reading