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Do You Look Poorer Than You Are?

A recent conversation with a colleague at work made me realize that I look and dress poorer than I am.

During a soccer tournament this past fall, my daughter’s team went to a water park called Kalahari Resort where her soccer team competed.  Now to participate in this tournament, the parents would have to pay for a few nights at this expensive (but still affordable) water park.  Now in the past a younger me would have said “WHOA!” wait, that’s crazy expensive…  The trip came to around $500, and while not cheap, still doable.

Now here is where it gets interesting…

The work colleague that I mentioned earlier was in the break room talking about the trip to a subordinate in her department.  I commented on how great her son was and she started talking about the tournament to me.  I agree and said I thought it was a great time for my daughter too.  At that point, she got a funny look on her face.  She said “YOU, were there?”  Which I replied “why yes, it was a wonderful experience for my daughter“.  She then started asking me about the trip and if I went inside the water park.  So then I actually had to prove to her that I was there by pointing out some of the highlights of the park and some of the game play that happened on the field.



I didn’t put much though into it at the time, but now I realize that she was really questioning me to see if I really went.  It was a pricey trip, and she’s a VP, so I guess she thought such a trip would be out of my price range.  I think she started asking about features of the park because she didn’t believe I actually stayed at the hotel!  Now I don’t know her well, so I guess if you judge me by my clothes and car, it would make sense that such a trip would be out of my affordability range…  Perhaps if it was an event that happened every weekend, it really would be outside of my price range…

While I’m not rich, it made me start to wonder how many people are out there that are very rich and dress like they are poor?

This might surprise people, but I bet the majority of people who are rich don’t necessarily want things that are fancy, no flashy cars, or Armani suits…  I’m not just talking “millionaire next door” types either!  Look at Sam Walton or Warren Buffett, both were super rich, but didn’t look the part, no Great Gatsby’s there!

If you were rich, do you think you would look the part?  I know I would buy a little more trendy clothes, but not much!  And for my car, a normal sedan or SUV would be enough for me, although perhaps a Lexus for the car, that’s not too luxurious, right?

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my story with you, I hope you got a chuckle out of it, I did!