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Sunday Cache and Fall is in the Air

Weekly Thoughts:

Yes, Fall is definitely in the air, the mornings are darker and the days are getting cooler.  While some may get sad, I love fall.  The crispness in the air, the spookiness of the nights, the crinkling of the dried out leaves falling from the trees, and of course the beauty of the colors in a forest.  It’s kind of like each tree is a fireworks display of awesome colors!

While not all understand how incredible Fall is in the area, those of us that do get it, love it. 

It’s a busy weekend so I’ll keep this article short, but here are some other articles to check out this past week by some incredible PF Bloggers:

Carnivals I was in (just one this week)

Weekly Conclusion:

With Fall in the air, it’s an exciting time for my family!  Life is good, don’t dwell on the negatives, because everything changes eventually, just like with the seasons!  So now that something new is in the air, I feel energized and excited to check out all the great new pf bloggers that I’ve noticed lately!  You’ll see more of them in future weekly review posts!



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