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Which Financial Author Should You Follow?

Too often, we read financial advice in books from Dave Ramsey, David Bach, or Robert Kiyosaki and conclude that whatever they write, is the correct way for the reader.  But is it?

Let’s look at Dave Ramsey.

First, let me say that I’m one of the rare financial bloggers that did not read any of Dave’s books.  That said, I’ve read enough personal finance blogs to get the gist of what his approach is about.  I believe for the most part, I like what Dave says.  In fact, I paid off my mortgage early as he suggests.  I don’t have any debt nor have I carried much either except for car and home loans at one time, but those have been paid off entire.

The target group the Dave has the most impact on and who should read his books are those that have debt (especially credit card debt) and are trying to dig themselves out, and the middle class/middle-income group.  So if you are in this group, this book is a great read for this segment!

At the other extreme is Robert Kiyosaki!

Let’s Look At Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki take a more “do or die” approach and obviously takes a much more risky approach to finances.  Is he wrong?  No, but his message is primarily for the type A personality types that have a lot of confidence and aren’t afraid of failing.

I would guess that Robert’s approach only works for 10% of the population, and he doesn’t deny it.  I think Robert’s approach only works for those that are young without families or those with a lot “Chutzpah“, but this is just my opinion.

And this leads me to David Bach

Let’s Look At David Bach

David target segment of the population overlaps primarily with Dave Ramsey, but also a little with Robert Kiyosaki too.  I like David Bach’s approach because he preaches the frugality via “the latte factor” message, but also preaches investments via real estate and 401ks.

To me David Bach advice is much like the perfect portage that Goldilocks eats in the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears“.  But this is because his financial advice “shoe” fits my financial risk level tolerance the best.


So for me personally, my approach at ( is more in line with David Bach’s approach.  I’m debt free and my finances are automated.  Now if I could just bring myself to follow his advice about lattes.

An example of a blogger that follow an approach more in line with Robert Kiyosaki wold be Adrian at  According to this blogger, he’s followed aggressive techniques and they have word for him.

There are plenty of example of those that follow Dave Ramsey too.  One such blogger is Jeff at Deliver Away Debt.

All take different but valid approaches for people of different risk tolerances.  Which author do you most identify with?


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