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Like Father, Like Daughter: J Comic #1 – Mr Plate Runs

I showed my Saturday comic series on my blog to my6-year-old daughter and she loved it!  Since my comic strip series does look a bit like a kid’s cartoon, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised…

So without further ado, Here is the comic strip created by my 6 year old daughter!

Kid's comic strip
My Daughter's First comic

Thanks J!

My daughter loves to write books!  She usually averages 1 or 2 a day easily!  Part of her books creating process  is drawing the illustrations.  Once she saw my comic, she know that she could help out by creating a comic strip of her own!  So that this exactly what she did!

I think kids are great and any additional encouragement that they can get is wonderful!  So I was both happy and honored to let her include her comic strip series on my site!

Here is some background information about her comic strip:

  • My daughter did all the artwork herself
  • I scanned the image up and helped colored them in.  I also made some lines darker because of scanner issues.
  • My daughter did the word bubbles and all of the text!
  • I’m very proud of her for offering to help me with the blog!

I hope you enjoyed the comic strip from my 6-year-old daughter!  She’s always been artistic and helpful.  I know that her post will be one of my most favorite ones, especially as time folds!

So if you can leave a comment for her, I’m sure she would love it.  Afterall, I’m sure she’ll be reading them 🙂