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A Modern Norman Rockwell Like, Trick-Or-Treat Night

3 Witches
Girl Witches

Tonight, I lived though another neighborhood Trick-Or-Treat Night!  Much like all of the previous Trick-Or-Treat nights, this one also reminded me of a scene from a modern Normal Rockwell painting.

Rockwell-like classic scenes on this cool Trick-Or-Treat night:

  • A few boys were running from house to house to collect as much candy as possible (it’s always boys, funny huh).
  • One boy dressed as a monster while another boy dressed as his girlfriend.  Always funny and actually quite brave of the boy dressing as the girl.
  • A few small groups of teenage girls, starting to become women, showing off how attractive they were in their Brittney Spears like schoolgirl costumes.
  • A large group of young girls all wearing similar costumes, this year it was a fairy theme, very cute.
  • The classic dad pulling his very tired, young children in a wagon up to the doorstep to collect candy.  What  a good dad!
  • A few horror themed monster (Jason, Freddy, etc) kids that always said thank you very politely after getting candy.

So what did my kids go as? 

My daughter chose to be a witch!  She embellished the costume with green makeup on her face, and colored her hair black via a spray can.  She also had “Wizard of Oz” striped witch stockings and an authentic looking twig broom.  She was adorable, if I may say so myself.

My son almost didn’t go, but at the last-minute, he dress as a soccer player (which he is), and went out and had a great time.  I was glad he changed his mind, Trick-Or-Treat is one of those things that have an unspoken age limit.

So why am I writing about this experience?  Because it has a lot of value that once my kids are grown, it’s not the same!  This is something worth spending money on while my kids are young enough to enjoy this Halloween holiday tradition…

Limited time events like trick-or-treat should be taken advantage of while you (or really your kids) are young, because it’s a short lived and once it’s over… it’s over! 

For those of you that are parents, your maximum enjoyment in the event is also limited !  Make the most of it while your kids are kids!!!

Have a great Trick-Or-Treat night!