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For Christmas, My Eleven Year Old Son Wants a Laptop!

Well I just posted a few months ago about how my son got his first Cell Phone: “Buying My Son His First Cell Phone“, well now he wants a laptop!

At first I though, we perhaps he sees me with my laptop and want to follow suite, perhaps he wants to learn to program, or download some cool function software like Gimp or Open Office….

So I asked him why he wanted a laptop, and he said so he could play certain computer games while he watched kid shows on TV…

Now I’m sure your thinking: hard life huh.  Most likely, you’re thinking that my son is a slacker and lazy, but that’s not so.  He’s plays both soccer and basketball, and he’s a straight A student to boot.

Now my daughter has been begging for an iPod touch like my son has in the past (he now has an iPod Touch), so if I were to buy him a computer, well obviously, I would have to buy her an iPod Touch too!  Then before you know it, I have a very expensive Christmas suddenly on my hands!

You might think that this is a no brainer, but actually for me it isn’t!  My son is a great kid and doesn’t really ask for much, and he’s both courteous and kind.  Yeah his answer to my question about why he wanted a laptop wasn’t the most prudent, but at least he was honest, and I know he’ll use it for school work too.

So today, I’m going to ask you the reader, what would you do, especially if you child hasn’t asked from much in the past?  It’s obviously, more powerful than the iPod touch and ironically cost practically the same amount…

What would you do?