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Will Buying A Laptop For Christmas Make My Son A Digerati?

Last month, I wrote an article called: For Christmas, My Eleven Year Old Son Wants a Laptop!

In this article, I revealed that my son wanted a laptop for Christmas.  I honestly thought I was going to get a response in the comment section where I would hear that he’s too young and that it would be a waste of money to buy him one this early…  boy was I wrong!

Young Digerati?
Young Digerati?

Exposure to Technology

I remember hearing talk about the digerati and how they would have a much larger role on society.  But 10 years ago, the technology was a joke and expensive too.  I remember when the palm pilot and blackberry’s first came out.  With the Palm Pilot and their “pda – personal digital assistant” technology, I decided to pass!  To me a good old paper notebook and pencil/pen was much more efficient and tons more cheaper.

Now times have changed!  Back then just the well-off crowd could afford the technology, but now it’s cheap enough and easy enough to use that almost anyone can access one form of the technology or another.  Even the very cheap “notebooks” are worth the money, if you don’t have gaming demands.

Rise of the Digerati

Just 10 short year ago, the technology as either too expensive or too underpowered to do anything really cool with it.  My how times have changed!  There are so many options and at such reasonable prices that I have a hard time resisting making Technology purchases myself.  I’m even going to buy a Republic Wireless hybrid phone once they come out!  The tablets that are out with the Android operating system all seem to be a great value.  Obviously the Apple iPad is a hit and incredible device too.

I consider myself a part of the Digerati crowd, but I’m not really in as tightly since I don’t have any of the really cool tech tools of the trade like most of the members of the Digerati have.  In some ways, since my son has an iPod Touch already, he’s more of a Digerati than I am.  Not to mention that he has his own blog called

Having a laptop will enable my son to blog more often and much quicker than he can on his iPod Touch.  I was shocked when I actually saw him writing his article on his iPod Touch… I almost laughed…

I was pushing for him to get a tablet, but he wasn’t interested in them yet, and to be honest, his iPod Touch and Cell Phone makes him pretty tech heavy already.

The Laptop

I didn’t want to spend a lot on a laptop for my son, but I didn’t want to buy him a netbook either (especially since he plays online games).  So I bought a laptop deal from Best Buy that seems like a good buy!  It was a $375 laptop from Samsung with 4 CPU cores, 4 Mbs of RAM, 500 GB hard drive.



This laptop is just another addition to help him become more technologically savvy.

Thanks everybody that commented in my original post about my son wanting a laptop.

I hope he enjoys it!