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Are We All COGs in the Machine Of Life?

Are we GOGS in the machine of life, destine to play the small and trite role that we are instructed to play by others who are willing to treat us as such?  Spinning in a continuous circle, never really going anywhere… until we wear out and need to be replaced by a newer, shinier model?

I know what many of you might be thinking, what can we do about it, it’s what society needs and demands…

Perhaps, but have your tried anything else?  Have you ever taken a leap of faith and try to run outside of the box (or off the bar, in my COG example)?  Life is short, so why not draw outside of the lines?  Perhaps try a side job, or a 2nd night shift job?  If you hate your current job, what is there to lose?

I once knew a woman who I worked with that use to tell me this message over and over.  She even had a bumper sticker on her car that said “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal”.

During her day job, she was an administrative assistant, but at night she really came to life.  She would tell everybody in the office about her dancing classes, and all the other outside activities that she participated in.  She kept both busy and active.  She was like a COG that ran perfectly during the day, but every night would pop off of her bar and enjoy life.  Experiencing anything that she so desired.

Back when I was much younger I thought she was like a modern hippie, but now I see the truth in her words and I admire her for living the way she wanted to live instead of the way society expected her to live.

Her story was a sad one, where her ex-husband created a very successful business and left her for a younger more attractive employee.  Her kids decided that they preferred dad over mom (perhaps because he was so rich), and so she was at first lonely.  But instead of feeling sorry for herself, she blossomed into a very active and sociable lady.

So how does one escape being a total COG?

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So experiment, don’t be a COG all the time, live and think outside of the box a little!  After all, who really wants to run in circles all the time… never really going anywhere?


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