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Christmas Presents That I’m Excited About

I got the usually presents for Christmas… jeans and a few work shirts.

So why did I call the title “Christmas Presents That I’m Excited About“?  Because they are my son’s presents (mostly)!

I have a secret confession to make:  I like living Christmas vicariously through my son.  Yep, it’s true!  And this year was awesome for me my son!

We He got the following presents:

  • Mind Flex – This is a game that where you connect an apparatus to you head, then concentrating on a ball, it then rises and falls based on how hard you focus on the ball.  This is an awesome game for kids that love Star Wars.  It’s the closest thing that I’ve see that will let a kid “Use the FORCE“.  I can’t wait to try it soon!
  • Golf Clubs – I’m just an occasional golfer, even my 9 year old son “putts” better than I do.  But he’s been using odds and end golf clubs, with a set designed for his height, he might match my score next year.  We’ll see, it should be great fun (not to mention the bonding experience of such a father and son activity).  I have taken my (then) 5 year old daughter to the driving range already too.
  • Air Hogs Police Helicopter – This is actually my son’s 4th one of these.  The first three were handled a bit to roughly, and they didn’t last long…  My son has better control now…  I’ll get to play with this soon too.
  • Foosball Table– He actually got this 2 years ago, but he was too small to use it.  We have a ping pong table setup downstairs, and he now gives me a run for my money on it, so now I’ll build the Foosball table, and we’ll play that too.  Besides, I might actually invite some old friends over and we’ll play perhaps will play it some too.
  • Star Wars Legos – I won’t play with this (or build it…), but I have to admit, these sets are cool to explore once they are build.  My son loves all of the Star Wars sets.
  • Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” – Okay, this isn’t my son’s… this is my wife’s present.  I’m a big fan of Stephen King.  My wife collects his novels in her own personal library.  Stephen King is one of the authors that I read as a college student, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since.  I won’t get to this for a month or 2, but I’m patient…

Of all the presents, the one that I will enjoy the most is the Golf Clubs.  Actually the time spend golfing with my son this summer is what I’m excited about.  He is just growing so fast, and I want to spend as much quality time with him as possible.  Hopefully, this will be another memory created for him (along with our Christmas Traditions memory), so he can look back and remember those times fondly.

We’re lucky, I found a relatively cheap course to go to.  Then again, we even have fun just going to the driving range.  We conclude our golf outings with a quick trip to a local ice cream place where I buy my son a chocolate peanut butter pie treat (his favorite).

This coming year we’ll try to go every other week, either to the golf range or actually playing golf.

So really the best present that I got this Christmas is the time that I’ll get to spend with my son playing golf next summer.  Of course, I’ll do the same with my daughter once she gets older too…

That is why I’m really excited for next year to come!