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MR Cache: Looking Better While Losing Weight

Weekly Thoughts:

On the frugal weight loss diet that I’ve started, I’m down 18 pounds in a bit over 3 weeks.  Now, you’d think I’d be happy with my weight loss, but surprisingly I’m not.

Why? Because while even weight loss in itself is a great and beneficial thing, my body and shape still just looks like a slightly smaller version of what it was previously.  I’m still out of shape, but a lighter version of being out of shape.

The next phase of my frugal weight loss plan is the introduction of exercise.  Almost any type of exercise will make a difference.

You might be wondering why I didn’t start out with exercise at the beginning…  Well, I wanted to shave off a few pounds with the diet first before leaping into an exercise problem.  Now with those pounds off (and the fact that it’s summer), it’s time to get more active!

When I say more active, I mean even more than just exercise!  Use a push mower to mow the lawn, take the dog for a walk, clean the house, paint the house, do landscaping, go for a walk in the park, go swimming and of course go for a bike ride with the kids.

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Weekly Conclusion

This was a great week for me (on Wednesday, I got a new high visitor count at 1,705 this is now my new record high), ideas came easily and it was a lot of fun writing them.  I wonder if it’s because I”m losing weight and feeling healthier?  Hmmm…

Folks in the United States, have a great 4th of July!